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Eumathos: Transition to Online Training

Eumathos’ co-founders (who created the company in 2007) have, together, over 60 years of professional experience in business environments.

Christian has over 40 years of experience in teaching and over 30 years of experience in training adults, using new technology. Pablo has been working for more than 30 years in companies on complex projects, and he is in charge of several associations.

We are definitely positioned on the support and assistance to organizations in their digital transition of the RH/Training functions.

Assistance with project management

What we do: .

Eumathos: Supporting you in each step of your Digital Transition.

Help with project management: 

1. Helping the Project Manager and/or the project team (personal coaching or coaching of the project team)
2. Supporting the educational engineering or co-design

Assistance in carrying out the project: 

1.  Helping you with document analysis and expertise extraction
2. Training the stakeholders (experts, educational engineers, instructors, mentors, …)
3. Assisting you with communication and driving change

Assistance in assessing/improving mechanisms and processes: 

1. Defining the experimentation process
2. Assessing the experimentation
3. Monitoring roll out
4. Assessing the training project
5. Auditing the quality of the implemented system

Educational Engineering.

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