With the references and testimonials presented here, discover the range of projects on which Eumathos worked during the past ten years. Some very large Blended Learning projects, for which Eumathos intervened in its client’s place, are not included in this list.


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    For an educational agency:

    E-learning market survey in France (2013-2014)
    “Marketing” survey for a specific offer by an agency (inter-company offer)
    Design of numerous off-the-shelf modules in the management and time management knowledge areas
    Audit of the e-learning training system (for the final client in the Pharmaceutical industry)

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    For an e-learning publisher:

    Study of the needs and standards in the framework of an R&D project for the creation of a new e-learning platform

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    For a key account in the banking industry:

    Assisting the project manager and the site managers in the implementation of a large project and setting up processes for the “Digital Learning” Department
    Designing a method for the analysis of the training portfolio aiming to prioritize the training modules that needed to be digitalized
    Conversion of a training program with 100% physical presence to a 100% remote training on the theme of educational engineering for referents and internal project managers



Jad K

(Digital Learning Manager) Banking industry, Paris

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« Christian assisted us in creating our Digital Learning activity while showing the utmost professionalism and thoroughness. His advice is always:

  • extremely personalized, by setting up action plans and individualized follow-ups
  • based on an extremely detailed technology monitoring and document search

His productions are also very well documented and extensive (“templates”, operating modes, process…). Lastly, his view of the context enables the client to see things in a different light, to look at situations from a different perspective in order to make decisions with full knowledge of facts. »


Laetitia V

(Digital Learning Project Manager) for a large training organization, Paris – la Défense

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« I had the pleasure of working with Christian Martin during a project for Dassault Systèmes, a company for which we have been working for a few years.
This time, it was a large-scale project, and the internal training consultants’ team needed the help of a senior profile, who would be able to assist them in structuring their project, provide them with a methodology, while keeping a critical eye on the high-level content.
Christian’s experience and expertise in educational engineering were key factors to the success of the project. »


Pascal T. M.

(Senior Education Program Manager) USAID

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« In addition to allowing me to follow, free of charge, the training in the framework of the inaugural session of the “Voyage au Pays des Tuteurs” program (December 2010 – February 2011), what is so special with Christian Martin is the quality of the continuous human support and the quality of his follow-up and assistance to the learners. This assistance continued when Christian Martin decided to launch with me the “Voyage au Pays des Tuteurs” program for Africa where he took on the role of supervisor (March 2012 – March 2013). This role of “supervisor” was not so clear-cut – Christian continued to be my mentor, my coach. The made-to-measure character of his feedback generated one of the most exciting FAD experiences. Christian has remained a source of inspiration and a “role model” for my interventions in numerous other FAD programs worldwide. »

Favicon Eumathos formation digitale

Xavier B

(Businessman – Angers)

« The training in time management we received from Eumathos enabled me to be more thorough in the definition of my strategic objectives and in the implementation of actions plans. »

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